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   Sebaceous glands may malfunction and overproduce sebum, a condition known as seborrhea. Individuals with seborrhea have oily faces and greasy scalps and likely to develop seborrheic dermatitis, a scaly and itchy inflammation of the skin that produces dandruff
Hairs full of dandruff
as well as rashes on the scalp, chest and back as seen below.
Seborrhoea dermatitis on the
       Seborrhea may develop into acne, a condition commonly affecting adolescents and young adults. In acne, bacteria break down sebum into fatty acids.As the bacteria continue to work, fatty acids seep out, forming whiteheads and other eruptions on the surface of the skin.
               When a pore becomes blocked and acne bacteria begin to multiply in the pore, your body tries to dislodge the blockage by attacking it like an infection, which because of the bacteria it technically is.
     The oil gland continues to produce oil, the acne bacteria continues to multiply, and swelling and pain follows. This is how the acne pimple or “pustule” forms in the first place.
            If the blockage becomes too large, OR, you pick and press on the pimple, collagen fibres in your skin that surrounds can be displaced and or damaged. When the pore finally does heal, there can be a red mark left behind (due to damaged capillaries around the pore much like a bruise) or a deeper indentation known as a “pock mark”. We all have seen Individuals with these marks that are the hallmark of chronic acne. I would like to point out here though, that just one pimple can create a scar if not treated properly.
     Sometimes sebum becomes clogged in the opening of a sebaceous gland and forms a BLACKHEAD. Although blackheads look as if they result from dirt beneath the skin, their color is actually produced by the combination of SEBUM and OXYGEN. Another condition caused by the blockage of a sebaceous gland is the sebaceous CYST, a large flesh-coloured lump beneath the surface of the skin. Although a sebaceous cyst poses no threat to general health, it may be removed for cosmetic reasons.

       Puberty, period in the human life span during which the organs of sexual reproduction mature, it is also when the hormone changes in the body environment and it also stimulates sebum. This maturation is evidenced in females by the onset of MENSTRUATION, in males by the production of SEMEN, and in both by the enlargement of the external genitalia. Rapid growth marks a range of physiological changes. Various secondary sexual characteristics also appear for the first time during puberty; in males, production of body hair increases markedly, particularly in the public axillary and facial regions, and the voice usually changes and becomes deeper in tone; in females, hair also appears in the public and axillary regions, and the breasts become enlarged. Accelerated development of the sweat glands in both sexes may trigger acne.
·     NOTE: Puberty usually occurs in males between the ages of 13 and 16, and in females between the ages of 11 and 14.
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